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Time 2 Shine – BMW Paint Protection Services

Time 2 Shine offers System X and XPEL film specifically influenced and catered towards BMW paint protection needs of Dallas and Irving. Our detailers are familiar with paint protection on luxury vehicles like BMW cars. BMW paints are known for their high pearlescent and metallic accents along with a large front grill. This beautiful paint should be protected as best as possible, to avoid the need for paint correction services. These aesthetically pleasing grills and factory paint jobs are prone to damage from road contaminants. Fortunately, these contaminants can be shielded with the addition of paint protection options like System X and paint protection film.

System X

System X provides the high-end hydrophobic finish needed for the glossy BMW paint protection needs of Dallas. System X is specifically designed to prevent damage against UV rays, oxidation, swirling, marring, insect acids, minor scratches and more. This coating provides varying warranties from six months to lifetime packages available. System X is a great option that protects BMWs while adding value to the short-term and long-term value of the vehicle. System X is the only registered paint protective options that can be registered with Carfax, in turn increasing the potential resale value of a vehicle.

BMW Paint Protection Film

At Time 2 Shine we use our custom plotter to perfectly match our XPEL manufactured films to the exact panel of a BMW. We can protect the vulnerable front grill, the full front or the entire vehicle. Dependent on the level of paint protection needed on your BMW, we can cater a package specific to your needs. For a free quote for XPEL paint protection films in Dallas, please click here for a free quote.

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bmw paint protection


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