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Glassparency – Glass Protection

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Glassparency is a type of glass protective surface that is hydrophobic and permits liquids to bead on the surface of any glass area. The package contains two components that are a base coat and a top coat for the glass surfaces of vehicles.

We begin the process with a thorough cleaning of the applied surfaces with a pumice cleaner. Once the surface is cleaned we apply the base coat via a towelette. When the base coat has properly set, we then apply the top coat with a towelette as well.

Glassparency is backed by a three year warranty and comes with a maintenance spray as well. To apply the maintenance spray, you simply apply the spray every three months for optimal protection. For a free quote for your glass surface protection needs, please click here.


Included in Package

  • Hydrophobic Glass Protection
  • Maintenance Spray
  • Three Year Warranty


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