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9H Ceramic Coating – Irving Texas

5-Year Package – Time 2 Shine

The 5-Year Package is one of our most popular ceramic coating packages on the market and a great option for both the individual that owns or leases their vehicles. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this package provides the added protective benefits of ceramic coating along with the beautiful added aesthetics that it provides. Our coating is ideal in protecting a car’s paint from pollen, insect acids, minor scratches, brake dust and hydrophobic properties.

Our 5-Year Package offers a reliable and durable ceramic coating solution for your vehicle. It begins with a thorough wash and decontamination process to prepare the surface. We use our clay bar techniques to remove environmental contaminants from the surface of the paint that cannot normally be removed during the wash process. Our degreaser is used on the exterior surface, plastics and rims. Next, we apply Time 2 Shine’s 5-Year Ceramic Coating to protect all exterior surfaces. To enhance and seal the finish, we apply Time 2 Shine’s Top Coat to all painted surfaces and Time 2 Shine’s Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating to wheel faces. With a 5-year warranty, this package ensures your vehicle maintains a pristine appearance and provides excellent protection against environmental elements for years to come. With the added protection of ceramic pro, any car has the ability to add hydrophobic properties with easy cleanup. For a free quote for your ceramic coating needs, please click here.

Ceramic Coatings & Paint Correction

Time 2 Shine offers elite 9h ceramic coating to Texas. Located in Irving, our detailing experts are specifically trained in the nuances of ceramic coating application. Before a ceramic coating can ever be applied to a vehicle a paint correction consultation must first occur to ensure the paint is in good condition. Think of ceramic coating as a case for your vehicle, before you encase an item, it’s best to have that item in pristine condition. That’s what paint correction does. Paint Correction removes existing blemishes from the surface using a series of polishing and abrasive compounds. We’re able to remove the majority of blemishes to get that paint to a condition of yesteryear.

Included in Package

  • Wash and Decontamination
  • Time 2 Shine’s 5-Year Ceramic Coating Product Applied on all Exterior Surfaces
  • Time 2 Shine’s Top Coat Applied to all Painted Surfaces
  • Time 2 Shine’s Wheel and Caliper Ceramic Coating Applied to Wheel Faces
  • 5-year Warranty
9h ceramic coating
9h ceramic coating


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