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Time 2 Shine – Auto Body

Time 2 Shine offers top-of-the-line auto body services for the car dent repair Dallas & Irving residents need for their restoration needs. From hail damage to accident restoration and repair we have the auto body services needed for most any sort of ailment. Feel free to scroll through some of our auto body services. For a free quote, or for additional information regarding your auto body needs, please click here.

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Bumper Repair

Whether it’s as simple as a scratch, scrape or minor dent, or a full bumper replacement, our auto body services are here to help you look your best.

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Full Repaint

Our auto body specialist is able to fully repaint any vehicle. We can perfectly match our color spectrum to any color in the spectrum. Whatever the reason is for full repaint services, our detailers have decades of experience in the auto body industry.

Car Restoration

A full auto restoration involves a complete dismantle of the vehicle. Our technicians have the proper expertise and experience to  perform any restoration needs. From body, paint and interior services our expertise does not simply end at paint protection.

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time 2 shine logo

Accident Restoration

Our detailers are capable of rebuilding vehicles that insurance companies consider “totaled”. If you want to restore a car that many auto body shops won’t touch, please click here to let us know the exact specifics of your restoration project.

Hail Damage & Hail Restoration

Hail damage is no joke. If your car has become victim from one of the many hail storms the Dallas region is victim to – then we can help. Our dent removal and hail damage services restore vehicles like a storm never occurred.

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